#Christmas markets

Here are the photos from the workshop on theme Photo Reportage: Christmas Markets. What can I say… beautiful at night, very-very-very crowded, everybody making selfies, some times to make a picture it is necessary to hide in some corner to be a bit safe ūüôā Do not go there on Saturday or even worse – Sunday! Take some time let’s say on Thuesday evening end enjoy your moment, not waiting for a vin brul√® for 10 minutes ))) Last 5 photos are taken on my way back home at the Carezza Lake. You just enter in a magic world full of lanterns and candles, hot wine and roasted chestnuts… mmm…


5 thoughts on “#Christmas markets

  1. Beautiful market and amazing pictures. I love the blurry lightning effect and the use of the reflex camera focusing the Christmas balls and fading the rest. PS: the waterdrop pics are facinating, what lens and what setting did you use for such pictures?

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    1. Thank you for the comment ūüėėūü§ó for the drops I have used maximum zoom of my 18-105 mm lens, open diafragma but not at all to have some error margine. Prefocuse putting a pen on a glass where should fall a drop. Then just try to get the drop – the shutter speed about 1/200 but depends, you have to make a lot of tries to syncronize ūüôā try to use speed shooting. ISO i have it high because of dark room. A lot of fun ūüėĀ

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